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  • Christian Counseling

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    Christian Counseling

    Christian counseling is a broad category of emotional and relationship support that draws on the principles of Christianity to help clients cope with challenges. Because religious faith can play a significant role in an individual’s life, many prospective therapy clients who identify as Christian feel more comfortable seeing a counselor who shares their beliefs or who is at least prepared to discuss their faith openly and without judgment.

    Many professional counselors who identify as Christian choose to bring their faith into their work, along with evidence-based psychological practices. These practitioners, many of whom also see clients who are not Christian, are sometimes referred to as integrationists. When working with Christian clients, they may discuss the applicability of biblical principles or how a client’s religious values can guide them through challenges. 

    Integrating religion and spirituality with evidence-based therapeutic approaches is often thought to be beneficial for the client, as it allows them to bring their “whole self” into the therapy room and develop coping strategies that make sense for their personal beliefs. 

    The following Counselors have chosen to incorporate their own faith into counseling without any additional Biblical or Pastoral training…Ashley Townsend, MS, LPC,Christina “Chris” Goff, MA, LPC-S & Clinical Director, Kara Burrus, MEd, LPC, Katherine “Katy” Phelan, LPC Associate supervised by Joe Duke, MEd, LPC-S