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  • Kellen Winslow, MA, LPC

    As the old saying goes: “Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child.” My job as a therapist is to help you prepare yourself for the roads to come, or to navigate the road upon which you already find yourself standing.

    My work is based on a few simple assumptions. First, every person feels a desire to reach their potential. Second, there are common needs that must be met in order to reach that potential (like trust, security, self-expression, self-image, etc.). Third, the changes we must make in order to meet those needs can be very simple and basic. And fourth, we often shy away from making those changes because they cause discomfort and, at times, pain; but on the other side of the pain is the growth we seek. That is where therapy comes in. Therapy can help the pain mean something. Just as our muscles grow stronger from the resistance they encounter, so too can our mental muscles.

    I use a mixed-method approach. I use cognitive, behavioral, psychoanalytical, imagery, experiential, and interpersonal techniques to help clients make the changes in their life that they seek. I believe in treating individuals—not just symptoms or disorders—and developing an individual treatment plan to target the specific needs of that individual.


    · Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

    · Licensed Professional Counselor

    · Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider


    · Abuse/Trauma

    · Problematic Behavior (Pornography Use/Addiction, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Sexual Misconduct/Addiction, Domestic Abuse, etc.)

    · Existential Crisis (Grief and Loss, Shame and Guilt, Forgiveness and Healing, Life Transitions, Faith Crisis, etc.)

    · Faith/Spirituality/Religiosity

    · Young Adults

    · Middle-Age Adults

    · Senior Citizens

    · Forensic/Justice-Involved Populations

    · Personality Disorders

    · Paraphilic Disorders